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Football Game Rules for Kids

The history of football goes long back into the history, when the Greeks and Romans began playing various ball games. Over time, many such games spread all around the world and adapted many new strategies to play. However, the modern football, originates from Western Europe, England. New tactics and rules, brought in a great change in the way this game is played. As the years passed, the game was introduced in many public schools in Britain where many boys from different classes participated in it. As it gained popularity, every country began implementing different set of rules to play the game.

To understand the rules, let’s learn more about football. Every person’s perception towards football is different. For some, the game might be passion or their life, while for some, it might be a game played during spare time. Everyone has their own way of pursuing this ball game. As for me, football is the game of great endurance and challenge. Combination of concentration, skills and determination is the key towards mastering this sport. Every game comes with certain rules and so does football. To play this particular game, we need players, a field and as the name mentions a ball. To get the idea about how to play football, it involves scoring more points by pushing the ball into the goal line. In order to win, one of the team has to score more points than the other. To reach success Football Association (Soccer) and American Football have laid down some of the winning strategies, which are exported to different countries. This has stimulated the popularity of the game, which is producing many inspiring athletes for youngsters.

Game Rules

As football makes way into different countries of the world, it has raised the hope of many young children who aspire to become legendary footballers. Watching the strength, stamina and skill of tossing the ball has attracted plenty of kids to take up this sport. Though the chances of making it into football leagues is less, encouraging the child to play the game is more important. To get to know the game better, let me get you acquainted with certain football terms and their meanings.

  • Kick Off: The teams have to be given a signal to play. Tossing the coin, is a method observed in many matches. The team that wins the toss, kicks off the ball first. This step is followed at the beginning of every quarter to restart the match.
  • Throw In: If the ball leaves the pitch, the team who has not touched the ball is allowed to throw the ball back into the pitch to resume the game. This action is treated as Throw In
  • Goal Kick: When the ball is touched without scoring the goal and has not crossed the goal line the other team is allowed a goal or a corner kick.
  • Indirect Free Kick: If the player commits a foul the other team is rewarded by an indirect free kick. This kick is induced at the point of foul and is also termed as resuming the game.
  • Direct Free Kick: When one of the team players pushes or trips the opponent, it is termed as penalty foul for which a direct free kick is rewarded to opponent team.
  • Penalty Kick: If the defense team commits a foul through direct free kick, it results into penalty kick. The location of the foul committed decides the penalty kick
  • Offside: A player that advances for the score must have a defending player between the goalkeeper and the player from the attacking team. In such a case the player falls into an offside position.

Step 1
Rules are meant to bring certain discipline among children and disallow any sort of disputes. Therefore, before starting the game, plan certain rules as they make the game fair. After the rules are set up, make two teams having equal number of players. Football has 11 players in each team. However, this is not possible when the kids have just started to play the game. A team that possesses the ball, is the offense team and team that obstructs the other team from scoring, is the defense team.

Step 2
Football is a field game, which provides enough space to the players to spread out and play comfortably. Actual size of the filed must be about 100 yards with distinguished goal line and border lines on either side of the filed. Children can start playing in their backyard or any open field and decide goal lines or end zones according to the size of the filed.

Step 3
Every game must be timed or it might unnecessarily get stretched. An official football game consists of four quarters of 15 minutes. Having a certain duration, can help the children motivate and focus more on making goal in the given time span. Children can have the liberty to plan their quarters and divide the time accordingly.

Step 4
Once the rules and the time has been approved by both the teams, it is time to position the players. Position counts a lot while playing football to avoid confusion among the players. The main aim of each team is to protect their goal line and try to score points by pushing the ball into dead zone of competing team. In order to achieve this, players must be well placed on the field and be attentive to react when the ball is passed on to them. At the beginning, it becomes hard for the children to play with such a proficiency, but with time and practice they can achieve this skill too.

Step 5
The game begins as one of the team kicks the ball and advances towards the dead zone of the other team to score a point. The team continues to approach the goal line, till they are strongly obstructed by the other team. Both the teams might put up a great defense to avoid defeat. The game continues till the quarter ends and the same is continued for the rest of the quarters.

It is easy to introduce your child to a game of football as it helps to boost up the self-confidence and contributes to a great physique. Learning about the American football rules and knowing the basic football terms can increase the knowledge of the child regarding the game. This can make him more professional and keep him rooted to the game. There is nothing to worry about if the child barely learns the football terms. As the child puts his heart into the game, he will gradually begin to get acquainted with the rules and terms. Take the initiative to make your child participate in football and watch him master his skills to become a great footballer.

Fun Games for Boys

If we go by the nature of boys, games that are action-packed interest them the most. Outdoor games, video games and online games that take into account these factors are said to interest boys. Kids love to play online games and especially the role-playing ones. Party and outdoor games are also quite interesting and fun to play. A short account of different games that boys would enjoy is presented below.

Different Fun Games for Boys
The various games for boys include online games, party games, and simple indoor and outdoor games played in everyday life. There are many cool games on the Internet. Most of these are racing games while those with soccer and other sports themes too form a large chunk. Let us find more information on these games.

Video and Online Games
There are many games available online, which can be played with the help of different types of consoles. ‘Crash of the Titans’ is one such action-adventure game played with ‘Xbox 360’, ‘PlayStation Portable’, ‘Playstation 2’ and ‘Wii’. The game is developed by ‘Radical Entertainment’ a video game developing company based in Vancouver, Canada. Soccer fans would find the ‘FIFA’ series to be interesting. These soccer based video games are developed by EA (Electronic Arts) Sports. Notable features of this game include the incorporation of 27 leagues, more than 510 teams and over 10,000 players. The ‘Ford Racing’ series also is a popular video game. It can be played on platforms like ‘PC’, ‘Playstation’ and ‘Xbox’. The online games include ‘Pacman’ series and many such interesting games. There are shooting games, racing games and other types with sports being the common factor. One can think about playing different games from these free fun games.

Party Games
There are many games for boys that can be played at parties. Some of the popular games include ‘Treasure Hunting’, ‘Paintball’ and ‘Obstacle Course’; boys enjoy such action-packed games. Let us have a look the different games one-by-one.

Paintball: In this game, balloons are filled with water that is mixed in soluble paints. Generally the shades of blue or red are used to make the water colorful. Boys should be divided in 2 teams say, red team and blue team for this game. The method/format of the game is simple to understand. Players in both teams have to hit their opponents with these water-filled balloons. A no-man’s land should be created in order to keep both teams away from each other, so that other players don’t come too close to each other. It gives a fair chance for players to duck and hit as well.

Treasure Hunting: It is one of the popular games played at parties. In treasure hunting, the participants are divided in two groups. Each group or team is given a list of items to search. The items can be anything that we use in day-to-day life such like books, toys, crayon boxes, etc. The number of items to be searched can be small or large depending on the age-group of children.

Obstacle Course: The obstacle course is not only an interesting party game, but also a nice way to give some physical exercise to children. Different types of obstacle courses can be used for this game. The game includes courses like the blowup pool for children to wade through. Climbing trees, short races with hurdles, etc. can also be used as obstacle courses in party games.

Sack Race: The game of sack race always interests kids and it can be played at parties too. One can make this game as complicated as possible by increasing the level of difficulty. Basically, the game requires pairs of players to compete in a race. One leg of each of the player is tied to that of other player. Racing in this position can be awkward and also fun. Hurdles can be added to make the race even more difficult.

Bursting Balloons: This is a fun game that requires materials such as balloons and magnifying glasses. A bright sunny day is necessary for playing this game; this is because sunrays concentrated through magnifying glasses are used to burst balloons. The player who is able to burst maximum number of balloons in a given time should be declared winner.

Outdoor Games
These games would provide some good exercise and also test your presence of mind. The game of bucket-filling requires you to be quick. The other games are equally fun and interesting.

Filling the Bucket: This is a team game which requires a pair of large buckets, two medium-sized buckets and two cups. The participants should be divided into two groups and asked to stand in a line. The two large buckets need to be filled with water and placed at the end of each of these lines. Medium-sized buckets should be placed at the other end of these lines. The objective in this game is to fill the medium-sized buckets with water in lesser time than the opposing team. The player standing next to the large bucket has to fill the cup with water and pass it to the next player. The water-filled cup should be passed onto the last player who is standing next to the empty, medium-sized bucket. After emptying the cup into the bucket, this player has to run and stand at the opposite end of the line; from where he has to fill the cup and pass it on to the next one. This cycle of filling and emptying the cup should continue until one of the team fills their bucket. The team which fills their bucket early wins the game.

Crossing and Tagging: This game doesn’t necessarily need a large group however, becomes enjoyable with large number of players involved. Two lines with a distance of 10-15 feet between them should be drawn on the ground. One of the players has to stand between these lines; other players should face him and stand at certain distance from the line between them. These players have to cross, both the lines that their opponent is guarding. This, solitary player who is standing between the two lines and who guards them is required to tag his opponents while they try to cross. Those players who are tagged by this guard join him and they together try and tag the remaining players. The player who gets tagged in the end is declared as winner.

The article above incorporates information about games from different categories. Starting from the party games to the outdoor games and the ones played online, these are some of the best games you can play. There are many more games that can be played at parties and also outdoors. However, you would definitely enjoy those mentioned above.

Skateboarding Games Online

skateboard-park-skatingThe game of skateboarding involves performing different stunts and tricks with the help of a skateboard. It is a popular sport in the USA. There are many different websites where one can play free skateboarding games online and exercise their skateboarding skills in a virtual environment. The scenarios presented in different skateboarding games is different. However, the basic idea of trying out various skateboarding skills remains the same.

Online Gaming
It is a technology which connects the gamers across a network. The Internet is the biggest of all networks for online gaming where people have many different options and online PC games to choose from. With broadband Internet becoming easily accessible in developed countries, multi-player online games have increased in number. The sword fighting games, skateboarding and car games are the most popular ones. There are many games for skateboarding out there on different websites. Short descriptions of different games are presented in the following paragraphs.

Online Skateboarding Games
There are many different websites that provide online gaming services. These games are fun to play. One can perform various tricks and show off his skills by means of these games.

Downhill Jam: The ‘Downhill Jam’ skateboarding game is a free flash game. Graphics of this game are superior in quality. In this game, the player has to move down a hill and collect shoes and money as he advances ahead. The difficulty level of this game is high which makes it tough to get past the different levels. Scenarios are however, a bit repetitive. The level of difficulty makes the game challenging and therefore, worth playing. A shoe manufacturing company called Etnies has brought the game online.

GMax Skateboarding Online Game: It is an easy-to-play online skateboarding game created by ‘Grey Digital’. Gmax Skateboarding is an older game in comparison to other online games. The simple format and easy controls have led to the rise in popularity of this game. Scenario presented to the user is that of a half pipe where the skater has to perform different tricks and score points. A high score achieved by the gamer is posted for others to see.

Street Sesh: The ‘Street Sesh’ is another skateboarding game, which is developed by ‘Etnies’. In this game the gamers/users are provided with a street scenario. The player has to move through a busy street, dodging cars, buses and other vehicles.

Skateboard Jam: In this game, one has to move downhill and collect the coins lying in the way. The gamer can choose from 4 different characters. As the player moves downhill, he can perform tricks like jumping onto the rails and benches. Performing these tricks can be a fun activity and truly enjoyable. One can also pause and continue the game if he wants to play it later.

Street Skating 1 and 2: This game can be played free of cost; however, one has to just register with the site if he wants to play the second game. The player or skater advances across a side-scrolling screen and needs to perform various tricks in order to move ahead. The player earns ‘stars’ and other interesting stuff along the way.

Board’n: This is a simple skateboarding game with construction site as the scenario. Players have to move forward by dodging wood pieces and avoiding the safety cons.

Xtreme Skateboarding: Graphics of this online game are simple. The objective in this game is to avoid hitting the coke bottles along the way.

Sewer Run: In this game of skateboarding the player has to move down a sewer. The ‘power-ups’ lying in the way should be collected as he moves ahead. Various stunts can be performed in the process of collecting the points and ‘power-ups’.

Kickflip: In this online skateboarding game, the player can try out various tricks. The graphics of this game though are simple, the gamers would love doing various skateboarding tricks. Shuvits, grinds, ollies and other tricks can be performed as the player moves along the track.

One can try out different websites in order to explore the new additions to gaming features. Most of these sites offer free online gaming services. Finally, we can say that playing skateboarding games online is fun and also a nice stress buster.

Best Android Games

There are many people around the world, who are immune to Apple iPhone fever and are quite happy with their Android phones. With time, more and more developers are coming up with interesting applications for Google’s Android operating system. If you too are an Android fan and are looking to spice up your device with some of the best games, then you are on the right page. We shall see some of the top Android games that a gamer should install on his/her Android phone.

Must Have Android Games

With a slow and steady approach, the Google Android OS has gradually built up on their gaming library. Though Apple is still the king in the gaming world, Android users will have some action packed games in their devices too. The following is a short list of games that will make time fly when you are really bored and have nothing better to do.

Speed Forge 3D
This is an action-packed game that you can download for free. Speed Forge 3D is a racing game that is based on an inhospitable planet. One needs to complete 6 different tracts, add weapons to your vehicle. If racing cars is your cup of tea, then don’t miss Speed Forge 3D.

Where’s My Water?
If you like playing physics puzzles, then try Disney’s ‘Where’s My Water?’ This is a game where the players have to reach the Swampy and get water. There are different levels and the animation is worth the credit. This game can be yours for just $0.99.

Greedy Spiders
Spiders love to eat insects and this basic idea is converted into a free puzzle for the Android OS. This is a neat game where you tap on certain sections to make the spider’s web disappear. For every piece removed, the spider gets a chance to move closer to its prey. The puzzle is you need to think before you act and cut the spider off from the prey. So, can you help save a life from a hungry spider?

Paper Toss
The hit game from Apple Market has reached the Android Market. Spend hours tossing crumpled paper into a waste basket. You switch on a fan to make the task difficult. Hear your co-workers shout as you spend time tossing paper in your office. Don’t think this will be easy as getting the crumpled paper into the trash can is really difficult in Paper Toss. The graphics are stunning, 6 different levels and you can even opt for a global online scoreboard. Have you tossed paper today?

Castle of Shadows
Are you looking for an ultimate action game? Castle of Shadows features everything that will give you a taste of adventure. Powerful weapons, smooth gameplay, unthinkable skills and gorgeous graphics. The plot is at the end of war, devils have built a castle that will dominate mankind. A war is coming and the hero has to save the world. It is in your hands to save the world from doom.

Mobile Andrio
Those who have enjoyed playing Super Mario and similar games, will love Mobile Andrio. This is a jump-and-run game that has 16 levels. This game can be played using your phone’s keyboard, touchscreen, trackball and even orientation sensor. All you need to do is customize your choice by using ‘Edit Settings’.

Top Android Games

The following is a list of some of the top Android games in the market. These Android games are worth downloading and will guarantee to be fun-filled and exciting. The list of Android games that are a must in every phone is as follows:

  • 9mm HD
  • Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
  • SpeedCar
  • Fruit Shoot
  • Uno
  • Cut the Rope
  • Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Order & Chaos Online
  • Sonic CD
  • Tank Riders
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Drag Racing
  • Pool Master Pro
  • Worms
  • 3D Bowling
  • Shoot Bubble Deluxe
  • The Moron Test
  • Can Knockdown 2
  • Air Penguin
  • Defender
  • Train Conductor 2: USA
  • Flick Soccer!
  • Puffle Launch
  • Scooter Hero
  • Balloon Game
  • Zombie Dash

These are some of the top Android games list that contains both, paid and free games. Angry Birds has definitely taken the world of gamers by storm, but there are many other games that are just as addictive and exciting. Do try out some of these games and you will soon lose track of time while gaming. Let the game begin…