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Baby Games for Teenagers

Many teenagers, mostly girls, are attracted towards games that concentrate on babies, homes, and family. I guess it’s because we are wired that way. Well, no matter what the reason may be, you too can play free online baby games for teenagers any time of the day. There are tons of websites and online gaming sites that offer different types of baby themed games which can are fun to play for girls. The times are changing today and when we have the technology right here in front of us, it would be tough to pass on such opportunities. And the popularity of online baby games is increasing phenomenally. So if your teenage girl (or if a teen is reading this article) wishes to play them, here are some games that you can find online.

Virtual Baby Games

I would like to clear something write now that at Buzzle, we don’t have any baby games which you can play. In this article, we are simply providing you with information that will tell you which games are the popular and being played online. So let’s get to these games and see what’s in store for you out there.

In this game, you get to manage a kindergarten and that means, you will take care of lots of babies. At first, the game is simple and has only one child to take care of. As you progress in the game and get better, more kids will come to the kindergarten and you’ll have to handle them all. Depending on how good you are, you will be awarded money so that you can use it to do some upgrading inside and outside the kindergarten. Then, more kids will be brought in and your kindergarten will grow bigger.

Babysitting Mania
This is a free online game that can be played by teenage girls. In this game, you have to clean the house and show your babysitting skills. You will take care of the children, clean them, plan birthday parties, host them as well, and after that is over, you need to put the kids in bed before the parents can show up. The game is timed so you need to work fast and make sure that the “chaos meter” doesn’t get out of control. Because if the chaos meter doesn’t come down to normal, the kids won’t settle down or even sleep. Even though this is a free game, certain websites require you to download the game for a price and then you can play it.

Baby Nursery
Have you ever babysat someone? If yes, then this game is somewhat similar. First you get a baby to take care of. You will have feed the baby, change diapers, and make sure the baby is happy. Then as you progress, another baby will join the nursery and you will have to juggle between them both. As the game goes on, more babies will come in.

Nanny Mania
Similar to Babysitting Mania, in Nanny Mania, you have to manage a household. Here, you need to think like a stay-at-home mom and try to take care of a house on your own. Clean for everyone in the house, cook for them, and do laundry. This game isn’t like other online games where you take care of only kids because here, you will have more duties and that too finish different tasks in a particular time frame.

Baby Blimp
In this next game, you will help storks deliver their pink and blue packages to different houses. You will begin the game by learning how to work the blimp. Here, there are series of tasks which need to be completed where you can make 3 points by working the blimp. Follow the different tasks given to you in the game and get points. As you progress in the game, more babies will come and you will have to work faster and more efficiently. Have fun.

Apart from the above mentioned games and few more which can be found online, you can even adopt a virtual baby online; pretty cool, huh! Some of these games can be played for free and some require you to register on their websites. There may or may not be any registration charges, but confirming it before you begin to play the games is essential. You don’t want to be spending hours playing the games and then learn that they aren’t free. So do your homework (given to you from school and about the different websites) and then proceed further.

Driving Games for Kids

Online driving games for kids help them learn parallel parking. You learn, how to park your car between two cars and parallel to the curb. During parallel parking, you have to make sure that you don’t go on the sidewalk, because you are not supposed to hit the pedestrians. You learn about right-of-way, so that you know who has the priority to go and who has to wait, when the routes of two cars conflict or interfere with each other.

You learn how to obey the traffic lights at four-way intersections. The traffic light system in the game is similar to the traffic light convention that is followed on the roads. The three-way traffic light system uses three colors―red, yellow, and green. The red light means your car has to stop, the yellow light means you have to take caution, and the green light means you can proceed. You also learn how to take a car out of a parking space and leave a parking lot. Of course, the games are no substitute to going to a driving school.

The free games use the keyboard to control the movement of the car. The up arrow key moves the car forward, and the down arrow key moves the car in reverse. The left and right arrow keys move the car to the left and right. The space bar key has different functions in different games. In some games, it is used to put the brakes on the car; in others, it is used to make a U-turn or jump.

Top 5 Websites to Visit

If you already have a favorite site that you play the games on, do make it point to visit these as well. You never know, you might just find a few games more interesting.

There are games as great as the Grand Theft Auto with sports cars, buggies, school buses, police cars, and even trains. As you select a game to play, you will get the complete details about what the game is all about, your role in it, and how the game should be played. You can create your own free account on the site, or sign-in with your Facebook account as well.

Truck Games Parking
Whether you want to play with pick-up trucks, monster trucks, sports cars, school buses, police cars, taxis, or tanks, this site has it all. Every game is unique and will keep you occupied for hours. And the best part is, you don’t even have to sign up to start playing. Just go to their site, pick the games you want to play, and proceed thereon.

Hot Wheels
Choose the cars by year, pick the races to be played in the city, as a race, go off-roading, or build your own custom car. All you need to do is become a member of the site so you can enjoy playing the games, win awards, and so much more. In only 2 minute’s time, you will have a plethora of games waiting for you.

You can play any of the games with your favorite Nickelodeon characters. Signing up with the site is so easy, all you need to do is pick the gender and type in an awesome username to represent yourself.

Monster High
You’re not just going to be racing; you get to pick your own character as well. From ghouls and ‘mansters’, play wonderful games on the site with a spooky twist. Start playing the game by signing up with the site to become a member. Apart from playing the games, you can also win awards and points.

Goals of the Games

► The goal of these games is to get your car to the finishing line. There is only a limited amount of time available to complete the tasks. You may be carrying some cargo which you have to transport to the destination. There are various missions such as transporting cargo through forests, deserts, and snowy regions. On the screen, you will see arrows that point to the general direction of the destination. You should look for passengers to pick up and then drop them to their destinations as fast as possible.

► Some games let you control the emergency services of a city. For example, you have to drive an ambulance to the hospital. The task would be to pick up patients on the way to the hospital. Another task would be to give CPR to someone who needs it. Some games may also require you to drive a fire engine to a place that is on fire. You may also have to drive a police car to a scene of robbery. You may also be given in tasks like defusing bombs and chasing down and capturing escaped zoo animals.

► There may be special objects in the middle of the road that increase the oil in your car. This allows the car to go a farther distance. There are other obstacles on the road which you should not hit as they may damage your car.

► You are also not allowed to slam into other cars on the road. You should also not drive into buildings, or the car may get destroyed. There is only a certain number of collisions allowed when you play a driving game. If you exceed that number, the game is over. But some games give you points for smashing into objects on the road such as tables and chairs.

Playing these is so much fun that we can’t contain our excitement as well. Do make it a point to visit the sites we’ve mentioned above, and let us know how much fun you had while playing the games.

Online Dating Games

Virtual reality, in the form of computer simulated games, is increasingly capturing our imagination. Till some years ago, virtual games were limited to be of the combat type, where you shot aliens in space, completed deadly rescue missions, or won races. Now, game creators have expanded their horizons to include relationships and romantic pursuits, as themes for their virtual reality based games. Online dating games for guys and girls are an outgrowth of this new foray of game designers, into the romance arena.

Online role playing games have been around since quite some time, but today, they have become increasingly popular. Small dating games for girls and boys are created, as flash-based animations, with taglines like ‘Find your true love’ or ‘Learn the moves’. These games are fun to play but should not be taken seriously as the real world is quite different from the virtual one, in every way.

Popular Games on the Internet

If you are looking for dating games on the Internet, all you have to do is type it in the Google search engine and hit enter. These games handle various scenarios, where you are presented with a virtual date and you must make conversation and choices about the food you eat, places you visit, and enjoy a complete virtual experience.

It is fun to make choices and live an alternative virtual life for a while. Most of them are flash based animations, that load fast on any browser. Not all dating games offered, are that good and if you are looking for recommendations, then here are two of the most popular and best ones.

Red Virtual Date
Red virtual date is a free game, where you go on a date with a virtual guy or girl, of your choice. You can meet these dates at various places like the beach and university. It is aimed at teens and is quite clean, in the sense that there is no abusive language. The objective of the game is to make conversation, by choosing the coolest questions and answers, from among the choices provided to you and winning the heart of your date. You either get rejected or hooked with him or her. If you are rejected, there is always the next date to look forward to.

Speed Dating
This is another popular game, available for free. It is aimed at adults and is a virtual replica of the speed dating rounds that occur in real life. As the game begins, virtual characters of the opposite gender, pop up in flash animation, asking questions and you have about 5 seconds to answer each one or come up with a smart retort. You have to choose the coolest or most impressive answer from the choices. If your answers are right, you go on, or you are ‘Loser’ed’ out of the game. It’s a fun game to play. Try it out.

Some people get so engrossed in virtual gaming, that they forget that they have a real life, which is a lot more fun. Their best relationship is the connection they have with their computer. Don’t let this happen to you. Going out there in the real world and meeting real people is a better option. Virtual reality games are for fun and not a substitute for reality. If you want to kill time and just have a laugh, then playing these games can certainly be fun.

Types of PC Hunting Games

d27f5becf157d77071f913864dd05ee2Types of Hunting Games

In Hooks and Horns there are hunt spring gobblers in Georgia (easterns) or Idaho (merriams). It is possible to Deer Hunt on the eastern shore of Maryland. In this game, Sound Recognition Technology is used for the first time. If a microphone is connected to the computer, it is possible to call the big gobbler or grunt in a trophy buck. This game has sporting clays, turkey hunting, and deer hunting. Turkey hunting is possible during spring in Virginia. Fall bow hunts for whitetail deer and crossbows are lawful during the archery season.

Swamp Hunt is also another project that has superior graphics and gameplay for hunters. This has Whitetail deer hunting, Rio Grand spring gobbler hunting, and Canada goose hunting. For all these hunts, sound recognition is present.

Wall Hanger has chances to harvest rocky mountain elk and whitetail deer. There are six different hunting zones and ten setup areas, choice of archery, black powder, or rifle hunting. Bugle the herd bull into the archery range or grunt to stop the big buck for a clear shot. There are true to life tactics, stunning graphics, and very true to life deer and elk animations. This game is distributed by VU Games.

Huntin the Rut has six different terrain types, choice of muzzle loading rifle and high-powered rifle, gear selections and capacity to plant food plots. The rut is peaking, deer movement is prevalent, and the bucks are chasing does. Does and fall turkeys are lawful. This game was developed by PSR Outdoors, and licensed to Knight and Hale game calls.

Extreme Spring uses a shotgun and takes up three calls into the woods. This has been devised and developed by PSR Outdoors and licensed to Mossy Oak Camouflage. It is possible to hunt wild turkeys down south and there are six different terrain types to include swamps, clear cuts, and woods. Ultimate patience or fast paced action are the different styles of this game.

Playing Hunting Games

These games provide a lot of fun and are exciting. One can begin by hunting deer or waterfowl. When the climate has high wind or a blending of rain, sleet or snow, the situation is optimum for hunting. Thus, a free hunting game download must have ease of mobility, land selection, and choice of terrain. Selection of the land is a very crucial step. A currently harvested field having hay bales is a good choice to entice Canadian geese. Elk hunting is ideal in secluded mountainous regions filled with trees. Character selection is also of utmost importance in these games. The video characters vary in the mode they look as well as the skill ability. It is possible to experience hunting a goose flying overhead in a forty-five mile an hour wind, or a six point buck running away at six hundred yards distance. There are different styles of play, like single mode, multiplayer mode, tournament mode, or online mode.

Deer Hunting Games for Kids

Disclaimer ~ This article is supposed to be taken as an informational piece. We at Buzzle do not provide links or website names to play online games.

What do kids love to do the most? Play games. I can say this for sure because, I used to do that myself. And now, I see my young nieces and nephews fighting over who gets to play which games. Perhaps you live in a home where your younger siblings or children have made life a bit tiring for you because they want to do something fun. Well, why not let them play free online hunting games for kids? We all know – kids will be kids. These PC games are great to pass free time, helps improve their hand-to-eye coordination, and will leave you in peace for at least an hour.

Online Game Index

  • Bow Hunter
  • Hunting Unlimited
  • Deer Drive
  • Cabela’s Grandslam Hunting: 2004 Trophies
  • Hunting with Peter
  • Big Bucks Revenge 1

Nowadays, kids as old as 3-4 know how to operate a laptop. Although I would advice that kids should play outside with their friends, there are times when that’s not possible (rain, snow, or bad weather). Choose any website you feel comfortable with or think is safe. Once you open these websites, you will find some of the following deer hunting games. Let’s look at each of them.

Bow Hunter

In this game, the objective is to hit the targets given in the game. You can use a bow and receive points according to the strikes. Using the mouse, click on the left side and pull it slightly back to pull on the bow. When you leave the mouse button, the arrow shoots out.

Hunting Unlimited

Along with deer, you get to hunt 17 different animals like mountain lions, moose, wild boars, etc. You can play on the clock or choose the “Free Mode” option to begin the hunting experience. Play the game as many times as you like with the “In-game Mission Editor” that can help you design your own hunt. You get more than 30 weapons and accessories to play the game. Download the trial version for free and if you like it, you can buy it and play as many times as you like.

Deer Drive

It’s “Open season” in Deer Drive and you play this game in style. One of the best hunting games for kids that can be played in 3D arcade style. Take cover behind trees and aim at the animals. It is the only way to gain points and get those trophies. You can also share your score from this game online. The weather effects look very real, the layout of the maps is easy to grasp, and the game makes you believe you’re in a jungle for real. With this game, you need to download the trial version first. If you feel that the game is good enough, then you can buy it as well.

Cabela’s Grandslam Hunting: 2004 Trophies

Similar to Hunting Unlimited, you get to shoot and hunt about 32 different animals like black bear, rocky mountain elk, mountain sheep, mule deer, southeastern white tail deer, etc. The game is mapped out in 8 different territories which you get to explore and hunt in. Choose to play the game in 2 modes: campaign and career hunt. To play the game, you have to download the trial version first. And if you like it, you can purchase it.

Hunting with Peter

In this game, you get to hunt with Peter and Chris. Using the mouse, first click on “Start Hunting” and begin the game. The objective of the game is to shoot the maximum number of deer with only 12 bullets. And to reload the gun, make sure to fire 4 shots only and then push reload. Oh and one more thing, Chris has a bad habit of walking in front of you. So don’t mistake him with the deer and shoot, or else your game will get over.

Big Bucks Revenge 1

This is a variation from the other hunting games for kids. It’s a bit “bloody”, so make sure you play the game before letting the kids play it. In this game, you, the angry buck, gets a chance to take revenge on the hunters. You get a gun, standing underneath a tree. On that same tree, is a scared hunter, about to fall down. Left click your mouse, and the hunter will fall down. But just before he smashes his head on the ground, shoot him and see him fly across the field. The farther he goes, the higher you score.

These were some fun and free PC games for kids. I would again suggest you to play these games before giving your kids full control to play them. Some of these games have mature graphics which may not be acceptable to some parents. You don’t want the kids to play any violent games and get too addicted to them.

Popular Free Online Games for Kids

The Internet is full of free online games for kids. These are not only meant for teenagers, who generally prefer playing games that have sophisticated and complicated plots. There are innumerable websites that have on offer free games for kids under the age of ten, which combine both fun and learning, so that the kids who play them, not only enjoy themselves, but also familiarize themselves with counting numbers, or learning the alphabets, and also learning how to use the computer itself. These include simple ones like coloring pages, activities, and jigsaw puzzles, to more sophisticated math, science, and language related ones.

Given below are some of the most popular free online games for kids:

Murder Mystery Game: All one needs to do is sign in with an email address, find out the details of a murder case, and start searching for clues to solve the case. The game involves investigating the crime scene, making a list of the probable suspects, and interrogating witnesses. If the investigation reaches an impasse, other players who are online can be consulted for further clues. Once the investigation is completed, the player gets to expose the murderer and restore tranquility to the virtual community.

Crossword Puzzle: If you’re not in the mood to play the detective, you could settle down with that good old favorite – solving a crossword puzzle – except that you will be doing it on the Internet. The rules involved are the same as the conventional version of the game. In the online version, the current word you will be working on will be yellow in color, while the current letter being worked with will be cyan, and if a wrong letter is entered, it shows up as red. You go to a word by clicking on one of its letters, and the back-space key is used to delete any letter that you have been working with.

Bowling: A great game for older kids, which can provide hours of totally engrossing fun. These days, with the increased sophisticated graphics, the online version of the game has a feel of an actual bowling alley. The latest versions can be played by two players, which enables you to enjoy competing with your friends over the Internet.

Dressing Up Games: These are meant for the younger age group. They can have great fun dressing up Barbie in the latest fashionable outfits or having a Mixy makeover.

Games for Preschoolers: Wouldn’t your preschooler simply love to meet lovable characters like Postman Pat, Peep, Rupert Bear, and Noddy? There are plenty of such games online that are free and easy to play, which will keep preschoolers absorbed for hours.

Kids’ Games for Harry Potter Fans: Whether it is Star Wars, Batman, or Harry Potter, there are plenty of free online games featuring all these favorite characters and more.

Musical Games: A great way for kids to go Do-Re-Me. Yes, there are plenty of games wherein kids can enjoy fun dance music, educational songs, everyday children’s songs, singalongs, and even classical music!

Checkers: Yes, this classic board game is one of the most popular games on the Internet. The objective of the game is to use your pieces to jump over your opponent’s pieces, thus removing them from the game. It can also be won by using your pieces to block your opponent’s pieces. The fun part is that when you play the online version of the game, you will be connected with your opponent on the Internet in real-time.

Christmas Themed Games: With Christmas around the corner, there are plenty of kids’ games themed on it. For instance, kids can have a great time with the ‘Build a Snowman’ game where they can choose outfits, hands, noses, and hats, and create a snowman online. Or, how about the ‘Wild Sledging’ game, where a character can be chosen, the sledge run and the level picked, and then zooming down at breakneck speeds to the finish. Kids can also have lots of fun trimming a Christmas tree online, or making their own snowflakes. Or go Ho-Ho-Ho with Santa and his reindeers!

As is quite evident, there is no dearth of children’s online games that can be played on the net.

Best Free Computer Games for Kids

It is true that today the gaming world is dominated by various consoles. However, the charm and the simplicity of free computer games has not faded yet. There are still many who like to play them. It can not only be fun for a few adults, but it can also be a great source of learning for kids.

Free Online Games for Children

Alone in the Kitchen
In this game, you will be in a kitchen and you will be given different recipes and ingredients. There will be various ingredients at different places in the kitchen, you will just have to move your mouse over the objects to see their names. This game will test your memory because you will be shown the recipe just once and you will have to remember it. You can put the ingredients in the blender in any order, but in right proportion. Oops! Forgot to mention about the timer which gets activated as soon as you start playing. So keep an eye on the timer and have a great time cooking.

QubiDraw Memory Match
This is another memory game which will test your kids visual memory skills and improve them. In this game, there will be a big wall on which there would be several posters. Your task is to match two identical pictures and take them off the board. You can either choose the game in which you will have to pair two identical pictures or the one in which you will have to find a picture which doesn’t have a match.

If math and numbers never interested you then think again. Mathemagic is amongst those free computer games for kids, which brings you the fun of playing with numbers. It is a very simple game. There will be four rows of numbers from 1 to 5. Each row of numbers will be for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. All you need to do is just click on the numbers and see numbers add, subtract, multiply, or divide. It will help your kid to learn some basic calculation. It is one of the best computer games for learning mathematics.

Word Pyramid
This is one of those word games which will help build your kid’s vocabulary. In this game, there will be a pyramid and on every row of the pyramid there would be missing alphabets, which otherwise if completed correctly will form a word. To get a hint about what the word is, you will have to click on that particular row, and the hint will be displayed in the box at the bottom. Next, you will have to fill in the empty boxes with alphabets. You will start from the top and proceed as you go down the pyramid. The results will be displayed only if you get all of them right.

The age-old crosswords are back again. They test your child’s general knowledge. The game is simple, so are the controls. To type in a word use the keyboard. Any wrong alphabet will appear in red color. To shuffle between Across and Down, use the Space key on your keyboard.

I am sure kids must be familiar with jigsaws. Over here, there is a blank board around which there will be different blocks of the same picture. You will simply have to get all the blocks together and try to complete the picture. You can take the help of getting an outline of the original picture in the board, so that rearranging blocks will be simple.

You can get these and many more games by searching for downloads or even playing directly online. Online games were never so simple and helpful. Today’s kids are more computer savvy than many adults. They tend to learn a lot from the Internet, which is the most powerful and ever increasing source of knowledge.
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Where to Find Free Computer Games

Are you unbelievably bored? Are you tired of spending time on social networking sites like Facebook? Then it is time you checked out some of the best free games offered by websites on the Internet. Once you start playing these online games, your boredom will surely seem miles away.

The age of television entertainment and arcade games is passe. It is the time of the Internet and action has shifted to virtual space now. Whatever you need, Internet will deliver. One of the greatest past times that netizens indulge in is playing free games online. There are many sources in the form of websites that offer you some great gaming action absolutely free. Most of these games are flash based and are hosted by many sites for free. Even advanced games of amazing graphic quality are offered by some websites for free download.

It would be a sin not to take advantage of these games when they are offered online for free. The best part is that some games are even multiplayer type, where you get a chance to interact and play with other people.

Free Games Offered Online

The Internet has had a huge impact on the gaming world. Most top games will have a multiplayer mode for online game play. The free computer games presented by websites range from classic arcade games to flash games based on various themes and even games with high-definition graphics.

Most of the classic arcade games like Mario Brothers are offered as freeware download by many websites. Some offer an online interface where you need to register for online game play. One such service is Yahoo games. Other than this there are plenty of free games provided by websites which include board games, games like Pool and even Darts. Most of these also let you download games to your PC and play them for free. There are too many such websites for me to list here. Google can find them for you. Zynga, Zapak and Yahoo Games are three web portals, where you can play a range of games for free. Zynga has several games which can be played on Facebook, with your friends.

However, if you are looking for some of the best computer games of all time, then you have no option, but to buy these games from your nearest stores. However, most of the top game designers offer free trials of games for you to try out. So you could download some free trials or demo version of some of these best computer games and try them out. If you want the real deal, then it’s best that you buy them. Be careful while downloading games from websites, as they may contain viruses and trojans, which are disguised as real games. Only download computer games from trusted websites.

My personal favorite gaming service is Yahoo games, where I have spent hours in the Chess game room. There are some pretty good players on Yahoo chess who are regulars. Joining these game rooms can give you an opportunity to match with some of the best chess brains in the world. You can explore on Google for more web sites that offer classic arcade and video game for free download. Just make sure that you don’t spend too much time playing computer games to the point where it becomes addictive. There is fun in moderate enjoyment of such things!

Awesome Games Like Spore

Though Spore amused a lot, it’s not the only game in the life-simulation/god game genre. What’s a god game? It’s quite evident from the name of the genre itself – a game that allows the player to control and transform the game world on a much larger scale. It’s also called a life-simulation game, as the player controls certain in-game lifeforms or species right from their conception to evolution.

There are only two reasons for which you could be here; either you are bored playing Spore, or you wish to explore other games like Spore. Whatever the reason, you are here for alternatives, and we shall provide you some. Take a look at some free as well as paid games like Spore.

Games Similar to Spore

#1 Thrive
Developed on similar lines like that of Spore, Thrive actually is a much more improved and scientifically logical life-simulation game. The game is based on an open source platform, which necessarily means that it is completely free to explore as well as for further development.

Although in its foundational stages, the game features a lot of customization, and is aiming towards clubbing entire solar systems with new organisms, technology, and culture. The game comprises 7 stages of evolution, which include microbe, multicellular, aware, awakening, society, industrial, and space; and features 3 gameplay modes – observer (you control/observe a creature), organism (you are the creature), and strategy (you control large troops of creatures on battlefields). This game is fully compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

It’s already starting to sound a lot more exciting than Spore, isn’t it? Why wait then? Go ahead and Thrive.

#2 Darkspore
The Maxis-EA duo is back with another creative, yet improved storyline. You could either call Darkspore a sequel of Spore or a standalone title altogether. Darkspore are basically evil organisms created mistakenly through a faulty DNA experiment. Your task is to create your own army of mutated creatures using a more stable version of the DNA experiment, to confront darkspore and stop them from destroying the galaxy.

A lot of customization is taken from the original Spore; however, the game features its own RPG elements, making it more fun and addicting. Along with single-player battles, Darkspore features online multiplayer modes like co-op and PvP, which make the gameplay even better.

The game is available solely for the Windows platform. Check out Darkspore.

#3 Flow
Here’s another evolution game, especially meant for fans who like the cell-stage of Spore. You play as a multi-segmented worm-like organism in a huge water body. You eat smaller organisms to grow and evolve; you could either dive deeper or rise up. The game has been very popular since its first release, and received 100,000 downloads within its first two weeks.

Though not as advanced as Spore, it is a great game to pass time and is very, very addictive. Flow can be either played online or downloaded for offline play on Windows and Mac. The game also supports PS3, PSP, and PSV platforms, and is completely free of charge. So go ahead and play Flow on your device, and enjoy.

#4 Eufloria
Basically a strategy game, Eufloria was developed by Omni Systems, and was first released for the Windows platform in 2009. Further, it was also developed for the PlayStation network, Mac, Linux, and even for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. The game is set in a more futuristic world, wherein the player has to colonize and conquer asteroids by planting ‘seedlings’ of a specific tree called the ‘Dyson’ tree.

However, it’s not just planting and nurturing trees, there is a lot more like protecting your colonies from intruders, attacking colonies, and conquering enemy asteroids. Though the gameplay is a bit difficult to understand, it gets a lot more fun when you get a really good hang of it.

The game is not free, and users need to pay $20 to buy it for Windows or Mac. The mobile version costs somewhere around $4.99. Check out Eufloria.

#5 Species
If you solely like Spore from the evolution point of view, Species, being an evolution simulator, is the right alternative for you. The game works on the scientific principle of natural selection, and gives a very realistic idea and experience of evolution, with its simple 3D interface and intuitive features.

It also introduces the principles of genetic variation and mutation, which make every creature unique and slightly different from others belonging to that respective species. It’s completely up to the player to decide whether to observe the process of evolution or be an active part by developing new and unique species through the process of DNA fusion. The game allows the player to choose maps and tools that would foster the process of evolution and help the player observe the simulation.

Although the game is in its alpha state, it’s quite fun to play, and is surely expected to improve with future updates. It provides the alpha version for free, however, one can donate $10 or more to pre-order the upcoming version. Check out Species.

#6 Planetoid 3D
A perfect alternative for the space stage of Spore, Planetoid 3D allows you to initiate space civilization, travel to different planets, and confront other races, in an attempt to conquer more and more of space. With the intuitive in-game technology, you could build spaceships, create new races, and also use custom races to attack foes and defend your planet.

Make an alliance with your friends or challenge them in a battle with the intuitive multiplayer feature of this game. This game still has a lot more to offer in its upcoming versions, so keep an eye open.

The demo version of the game is completely free; however, to get the full game, one needs to make a payment of $6. Try Planetoid 3D.

# 7 Endless Space
The ultimate aim of a player in this game is to conquer the whole galaxy by means of expansion of their empire. Basically, a turn-based sci-fi strategy game, Endless Space allows players to control every aspect of their civilization, explore several galaxies and planets in the literally endless space, discover new technologies and use them in battle, and ultimately take control over the entire universe.

The game supports single-player, multiplayer, and cross-platform multiplayer modes, which make the gameplay even more interesting and fun. Endless Space is a very popular award-winning game, with crisp graphics and a very immersive gameplay, and makes a very good alternative for Spore’s space stage.

The game supports Windows as well as Mac, and costs $30. Check out Endless Space.

#8 Void Hunters
Void Hunters is another space-themed game with a concept similar to the cell-stage in Spore. The game isn’t about an organism or evolution, it’s about building spaceships and destroying enemies. Technically, a player takes control over a small spaceship, and tries to destroy enemy spaceships; these enemy ships when destroyed, eject parts which the player uses to upgrade his/her spaceship and make it more powerful. The goal of the game is very simple, ‘survive as long as you can and build the most powerful spaceship’.

It also features a multiplayer mode, wherein players can battle against each other or create and test custom ships. Players can also join ongoing matches.

The game is free and can only be played online. Check out Void Hunters.

A lot of these games are completely similar to Spore, and some are inspired by specific stages of the game. Try the one that suits your playing preference, and enjoy!

Dress Up Games Like Stardoll

Stardoll is a browser game launched in 2004. It has been attracting kids between ages 9 – 17 ever since. It gained popularity in 2006, when Index Ventures started funding it. This is a dress up game where you have different tools to help you make some great clothes. The site also has some interactive activities and some educational games which improve quick thinking in kids.

It is free until you use the Non-Superstar account, but there are paid accounts like Royalty and Superstar too. The paid accounts provides some extra features. After you log in, you are given 500 Starcoins and 20 Stardollars. You can shop, interact, and buy stuff.

There have been many games which have targeted this desire among kids, especially girls, to dress up fashionably and designing clothes. Games like roiworld and girlsense were very famous but, unfortunately, shut down. Don’t worry, we have some great alternatives for you. Given below are some free games which have to be played on a computer, except the last one which can be enjoyed on your mobile too. Take a look and try them.

Free Fashion Games Like Stardoll

Doll and the City
If you love to dress up dolls, then you are sure to enjoy this game. It is a free game but you have to pay if you want a VIP membership. This games allows you to not only dress up, but also to take up a job and lead a virtual life. You can be a hairstylist, secretary, or even a babysitter. You have to earn CityDollars. There are different contests and opportunities too. Another thing you can earn is Fame Points, and the best part is, you can get 10 Fame Points per day.

Try the game: Doll and the City

If you always desire something new in fashion, then this is the place to be. This game updates regularly and will give you a chance to try your hands on new designs. It helps you to dress up and make some new designs of your own. There is a newsfeed too, where you can see designs made by your friends or share yours. At certain times, in this game, you can just hang out and play other games too.

Try the game: I-DressUp

Fashion Fantasy
This game provides a virtual experience of being a fashion designer. You’ll have a page of your own, and you can blog your new designs. There is a networking community where you can share your ideas with people of similar tastes and interests. You’ll be the owner of your own boutique, which will teach you essential marketing skills. Also, you have to foot the expenses of the boutique with Fashion Buckz, which you earn as you sell your designs. There are some good weekly competitions to keep you going. This game will never lack in fun and ensure that you are hooked on.

Try the game: Fashion Fantasy

Lady Popular
This is a game where you can “virtually” do everything your way and enjoy yourself to the core. It provides almost millions of combinations, from where you can choose different face shapes, hair, and of course, great clothes! It has great variety and you can be anything from a tomboy to a special Egyptian Queen. You can stay home, get pets, work, get a boyfriend, go for parties; basically everything, and the best part, you get to design most of the things.

Try the game: Lady Popular

Diva Chix
Diva Chix is pretty similar to Stardoll but has a few different features. It efficiently combines a dress up game with a competitive spirit. It gives you a chance to create some great designs and allows you to compete. It is basically a game to determine who has a better sense of fashion, but in a healthy, fun way. It has different options of designing stores or celebrities. Also, there are team gameplays, which you can participate in.

Try the game: Diva Chix

Style Me Girl
This is a perfect game for people who are tired of thinking about what the world thinks or feel restricted due to financial constraints. This game allows you shop (for the most awesome brands) endlessly and create designs of whatever you like. You have almost 17 types of models, so you can enjoy designing and dressing up (including makeup) of every single one. The variety in the game will teaches you about different designs and hair/makeup suiting to different people. After making pieces of 30 different genres, you are allowed to send your models for photoshoots. You can design the shots as well.

The best part about this game is that you can play it on your smartphone―anytime, anywhere. This one-of-a-kind app is available in iOS and Android.

For Android: Style Me Girl
For iTunes: Style Me Girl