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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Candy Crush Saga

Located on a first page on Google Play as being the editor pick, Candy Crush Saga certainly has some thing extraordinary. Since you may know, Candy Crush Saga is a straightforward puzzle game where the goal is to arrange several candy using a same color to get bonus. Similar to another simple puzzle game, the game offers pretty challenging level and quite difficult to master. You must think very carefully before making a decision to make huge bonus. While you progress the level get harder and also the challenges can make you thrill. There are numerous power up to pick-up and make it easier to complete each challenges including booster and also charm.

As you complete every level, sometime you’ll open up certain item that will help you gain big bonus and finish the level more easy, nevertheless these items only can be acquired if you gain some achievement. The very first level and forth is quite easy, but when you reach a higher level and area you’ll see why this game has so much challenge inside it. Playing this game while expecting someone or any time you bored and wish to spend some spare time is really a fun way of course.

The graphic is straightforward yet entertaining enough to make you keep hungry for your candy. The music is sweet and can make you dive in to the candy world very easily. For the control it is very simple much like some other puzzle game mainly, you simply need to swipe to safely move the candy and also tap to select it. Candy Crush Saga provide around 100 levels to finish and every level giving fun as well as simple gameplay yet tough to master. You are able to look at your score as well as compare it together with another player on Global leader board, or for those who would like to contest with your friend, just synch it with your own facebook account.

Though candy crush saga is amongst the hottest games out there, however sometime the level become repetitive and you probably become bored if you play it for too much time, the entire concept is definitely fun and it’s a good simple puzzle games. In case you looking for this type of game, Candy Crush Saga is certainly one of the best choices around alongside angry bird, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, and more. You can grab Candy Crush Saga at Google play for free.

Information of 360 Xbox Cheats

Pick up used games when possible. The cost of new video games are $60 or higher depending on the title. Also, if you do not like the game, this can be a tough expense to incur. When you buy a previously used game, you can get discounts of up to 50 percent lower than the price it sells for when new.

If a demo is available for a game, download it and try it out. This can help you decide if the game is right for you. But make sure when using this advice that you are careful. Only download from verified or trustworthy sites.

Be mindful when it comes to online gaming. Sometimes, you may need to pay a monthly access fee. Be sure to examine any website your children want to join. You want to be aware of any costs associated with the site and decide if the fees are worth it.

Do not play for more than a couple of hours at a time. Some people are prone to video game addictions, so watch the amount of time you spend in gaming activities. Don’t play video games for more than a couple of hours per day. If you are spending more time than that playing, you must be sure to break regularly.

With so many choices available, it’s often difficult to settle on a single gaming system. Think about what you like in a gaming system and find the console that best suits your needs. Try researching online. You can begin by reading the reviews posted by gamers who share your preferences. Before you buy, learn about the different consoles.

Make sure your kids are safe when gaming online. Find out who they play with when they are online. Those who wish harm to kids have recently been talking to them through gaming. Be sure your kids stay safe by only letting them play with friends that they know and that you know.

Video games keep getting more popular and more advanced. The number of video gamers doubles every year so you should join in the fun too. You can choose whatever game you want to play and have a good time playing it, so use what you’ve read from this article, and jump into video games today!

Gears of War

To quickly introduce the series to those who are unfamiliar with it, Gears of War is a third person shooter which takes place on a fictional planed called “Sera” which in many ways resembles planet Earth. The storyline focuses on a war between humans and “Locust”; violent creatures that previously lived underground until one day, they found their way out to the surface and wiped out a large portion of the human population. This day became known as the “Emergence Day”. Ever since then, a war has been raging between the remaining human population and the Locust, with each group attempting to eliminate the other.

While the first three sequels have focused on the events after the Emergence day, rather surprisingly, Gears of War: Judgment will take the player back in time to the most critical moment of the whole story – the immediate aftermath of the Emergence Day. According to the trailer first shown at E3 in June 2012, we can look forward to playing along characters that have accompanied us since the first sequel, such as Augustus Cole and Damon Baird, but we are also going to be getting to know three new key characters.

According to the developers, some of the most exciting new features are the completely new multiplayer modes. One of them is a thrilling, class-based competitive “OverRun” mode, in which the players (known as COG in Gears of War terms) will battle Locust head-to-head in a way “unlike anything Gears fans have experienced yet” (taken from official GoW statement).

The game is planned to go on shelves on March 19th, but can be pre-ordered already on sites such as Amazon. As is the case with the Gears of War series, with the exception of the first game which was also released for PC, it will be available exclusively for Xbox 360. So if you are an owner of a PC or Playstation 3, you are unfortunately out of luck.

Zombie Apocalypse

The film was made by Syfy and The Asylum with its lead actors being VingRhames, Gary Weeks, Robert Blanche, Anya Monzikova, Johnny Pacar, Taryn Manning, and Lesley-Ann Brandt. It was released on 29 October 2011 at the SyFy Channel while its DVD release was on 27 December 2011.

The movie has been known to be virtually bereft of a plot as moviegoers know it but it is a zombie movie, after all, where the characters have only one goal in mind – to survive the apocalyptic uprising of hordes of zombies seemingly popping up from nowhere and everywhere eager for a feast of human flesh. Now, that’s a plot that the Zombie Apocalypse video game can pick up with ease considering that it belongs to the shoot ’em up genre.

It is the story of a group of survivors travelling toward an island, which is supposedly a haven for humans midst the zombie uprising, while fighting off hordes and hordes of the undead. During their travels, their proficiency with weapons and with killing zombies becomes better but many of them will die in the process.

The movie has been received well both by movie-going public and by the critics, thus, making it one of the more successful zombie movies of our time.

Zombie Apocalypse, the game, is a downloadable video game in the shoot ’em up genre – the zombies and their ilk pop up and the player is required to kill as many of the undead as possible to get high scores and advance to the next level. It was developed by Nihilistic Software, published by Konami and played both Xbox 360 (released 23 September 2009) via Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 (released 24 September 2009) via the PlayStation Network.

As with many video games catering to the quickly changing tastes of gamers, the developers released a sequel in 2011 – Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone.

The game is a multi-directional shoot ’em up video game. This means that the player has control over one of four characters in seven different areas across 55 levels set while rescuing survivors, gathering weapons, and killing zombies along the way. The player will be awarded with more points for his environmental kills while every five kills adds another score multiplier; it will then reset to one upon the player’s virtual death.

The player can play for the 12 trophies available. New modes can also be unlocked while playing the game.