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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Microwarriors Android Game

Microwarriors Android game is getting popular because of its efforts in educating people across the world about the usefulness of probiotics. They assure to enhance the experience of players by bringing them the excitement of “good versus bad bacteria”.

Microwarriors highlight the role of probiotic microorganisms in helping many overcome digestive ailments. It is widely recognized by gamers in countries like Europe, Asia, and The United States. These Smart phone games are now available to people of all ages to look at the possibilities of living a life free from any stomach related problems.

Many probiotic experts have approved the Microwarriors Android game and recommend them for educating and persuading people to use probiotics. They just want people to take advantage of these natural bacteria and strengthen their digestive system fast and easy. Through word-of-mouth of Microwarriors gamers, the message of this game is going to reach to non-gamers as well.

Whether you are a video game aficionado or a smart phone user, don’t just forget to pay attention to the details in the Microwarriors Android game. They will help you in a way that no other normal video game can.

Information of Goodgame Empire

In the start you will just have to complete the simple quests assigned to you and move onto another level. This game is basically a browser based strategy MMO that has been published by the Goodgame studios. It is free and it is best for those who do not have enough time to play games but they don’t want to let their days passed without playing their favorite games either. The graphics of the game are colorful and the characters and other items are cartoon like.

Food, stones and wood are used for building the castle. Once you have started the castle building project, it will take some time for the structure to be completed. However, there is no need to monitor the building’s construction. The player can take part in different quests for which he will be rewarded with experience points. The player’s level and ability to construct the structures will also be enhanced. Soldiers can also be recruited for defending the castle.

The most important aspect of Goodgame Empire is warfare. You can also make friends with other players and this can be a great chance to build alliances with other empires. In this way you can take down other empires. The empire combat can make you get Honors and with this your game ranking will be improved.

With the in-game chat channels, you can join other players to break the building alliances and empires. You can even trade resources with other players. Your empire will become vast with more food resources. That’s not all you can even conquer the small castles by banding together with other players.

Goodgame Empire is quite simple. However, there is a problem with the user interface that annoys the users. Once you get the basics of the game and you know everything about the structures of the building and soldiers, you can become a successful player and it will be fun for you indeed.

The game has got fun features too. The alliances and trading can make the game more thrilling. Once you manage to break the empire of a player, you will be experiencing the real fun. Plenty of other castle-building games are also available online, but the charm of Goodgame Empire has its own importance and that is why still many people love to play it.

Rico Scrolling Game

Just like regular side scrolling game, on this game you are going to jump, dodge and gather some coin to complete each of the level to get the high score and move on to a higher level. Jump across obstacle, investigate the cave, climb up mountain, and many some other actions comes in this game. The objective is simple , get all of the coin and proceed to a higher level.

You can find 4 difficulty level that you are able play with, if you happen to more like casual gamer, perhaps you should try the easy mode to begin with, and when you want even more challenges you’ll be able to raise your difficulty level to get some challenges. The levels set up is have Four world, every world have 32 sub level to complete with. That plenty to keep you busy bouncing around, climbing and investigate some cave with your smartphone in your hand.

Along the way, you’ll find some item to collect including jet pack and lots of other that will help you pick up crystal and finish the level. As for the obstacle, you have to avoid the mine, deadly trap, and various danger objects to keep you full of life. Additionally you can get some power up to add your lost live or even help you avoid the danger.

The graphic is not too excellent, however for 8 bit games it’s enough, you’ll find this game look like the game for Dos or what ever games comes in that period. This surely bring back old memory when you were child and enjoy this kind of game. The music is also so old school and feel like the 90′. If you’re lovers of arcade games and retro game you may be like this game. The control is easy, you will find display in your screen like virtual key for left, right, jump, etc.

All about Mega Man X

Gameplay: In Mega Man X, the basic goal is to destroy the eight robot bosses and then defeat Sigma. It is the same basic premise as the classic Mega Man series. You can defeat most of the bosses with your X-Buster if you have enough skill. Finding each maverick’s elemental weakness and learning their pattern of movement are keys to defeating them. For example, Armored Armadillo is hard to beat with your standard X-Buster. If you previously beat a boss and received his weapon, you can expose his weakness. Along the way, you can also collect items that improve your status. There are classic E-Tanks to collect, Heart Containers to increase your overall health, and upgrades to your armor such as the Leg Armor that allows you to dash.

Graphics: Mega Man X’s futuristic setting is well portrayed in this game. The architecture is supposed to reflect how the year of 21XX will be like. Mechanical influences are seen everywhere from light posts to floors. I’d say our world is already looking similar to Mega Man’s if you see the architecture in Asian countries. The graphics are amazing for the Super Nintendo. Various environments are featured in the game. All of the characters, enemies, and bosses in the game are animated and colorful. At the same time, they all match the sci-fi and robotic tones of the game.

Music: The music in the game is excellent. Most of the music is up-tempo rock which reflects the action and is very engaging. Storm Eagle and Spark Mandrill are examples of this. There are some slower, more melodic tunes that are featured on Chill Penguin’s stage and Boomer Kuwanger’s stage. The rest of the audio is great as well.

Control: The Super Nintendo Pad works perfectly for this game. Pressing A or tapping twice on the direction you’re facing lets you dash. Y lets you use the X-Buster or selected weapon. The L/R buttons make it easy to cycle through the available weapons you have. All of the inputs work well without any lag.

If you love action games and Mega Man in general, you’ll love this game. With its great graphics, music, and gameplay, it’s a game you shouldn’t miss.

Pros: Graphics, sound, and responsive controls.

Cons: Not much to do after you beat the game. Collecting all the upgrades and items will add some replay value.

Score: 8.0

VGM: “Chill Penguin”